Opening Statements

So I have been thinking what my first post should entail. I think that first and foremost; I should mention that no, most of my posts are not going to be edgy and full of monstrosities. However I do plan to be fully candid and uncensored. This is going to be a chaotic mess of personal thoughts, reviews, and opinions. If you are related or in any way think that there are parts of my life that you could do without knowing about, I am going to go ahead and say that my blog/journal posts should be skipped. Not that these will insanely graphic but I do intend on discussing sex (topics) and depression. Both of which I can get descriptive.

Now most of my reviews are going to be mostly positive. I am not reviewing to make money or fill some maddening urge to review everything. I will review what I complete, usually I don’t make a habit of completing that of which I do not like. Maybe not the greatest view but maybe I will hone my writing abilities and expand my reviewing skills. ° For anime/manga I kind of follow the four episode/chapter rule. Four episodes/chapters in, if I can’t keep interest or it can’t keep my attention I usually just drop it. ° With video games, it’s a tad more organic. I suppose that on average it’s probably like an hour and a half in time. Also when it comes to games, I am what is referred to as patient gamer. That is, I am usually way behind and lax in the gaming world. I love and am passionate about video games but there is no way that it I can afford to consume as much as I do and pay full msrp.

This site is new. New to you, new to me. I am new to creating a site. It is going to be rough, ugly, and terrible. Theoretically this will improve. I would enjoy learning these skills as well as the break down of shitty blog ownership. Hopefully I can sharpen my abilities and grow blah blah blah…

Thanks folks.